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tv   [untitled]    September 20, 2011 2:01pm-2:31pm EDT

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well the russian the european indices enjoyed a rally at the close more analysis in the business program at about twenty. three good evening this is r t it's ten pm right now here in moscow you're watching r.t. international with me kevin oh in our top story the international monetary fund's warned that europe and the united states risk falling back into recession unless lawmakers act quickly earlier actually took a beating from ratings giant standard and poor's which downgraded the country score by one notch our europe correspondent daniel bushels got the latest for you investors call it the starter for ten a piece of news that triggers bad reactions across the rest of the eurozone so it's a nice downgrade problems not just of italy where people are really trying to resist the parliament budget cuts that the government there is trying to bring through of course reports that greece is planning
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a referendum on membership of the euro is just more bad signs that we're seeing turbulence on the stock market throughout europe as a result we've had the i.m.f. saying that europe needs to get its act together and deal with its worsening sovereign debt crisis warning of the risk of severe global repercussions now the i.m.f. added both europe and the slow recovery united states of calming the return to a normal economic growth but it was particularly concerned by the problems in europe and there really is concern investors that this will spread not just from countries like greece and italy but spain countries like portugal ireland and even france is now being mentioned as being in the far end zone for having too high levels of debt are really not really much of a growth strategy to get back on the right track. so your correspondent dana bushell there were a bit earlier i spoke to economic analyst michael moss sees all through the book the currency crash he told me believes the psychological effect of the constant
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downgrade is now taking its toll on the world economy they have also to take into account that there is a kind of currency war going on especially with these continuous downgrades from the united states from the rating agencies here in europe today italy i mean what does it really matter one notch up or down social up psychologically it's really very very hard and in terms of currency war you have to see that they are want to fear let fail the euro in order to keep the dollar and at the end of the day this equation will not be true at the end goal of currencies will fail in my opinion because europe and united states have more or less the same problem if you take a closer look to most western countries they are all failing they are all over do it and they are getting better if the search says such things so at the end of the day we are all falling together and the situation at the moment is psychologically
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very under big pressure so it doesn't hurt any of us if the i.m.f. says such things. thoughts there on the program from michael ross who was talking about the grave effect of the i.m.f. downgrade today and we've got more hard hitting news coming your way as well just a bit later in the program including the human rights court has ruled russia acted lawfully in its investigation against the collapse all giant costs but the latter still seeking a record ninety eight billion dollars in damages if i know why in just a few minutes on this channel. and the former afghan president rabbani is being killed in his home bonnie spoke with r.t. in his last televised interview about the effects of foreign intervention in his country stay tuned for that exclusive footage i'm kevin i know but with those stories and a whole lot more very shortly. israeli settlers and radical rights groups have gathered in the west bank to protest the palestinians drive for sovereignty at the u.n.
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on friday police and the armed forces are on high alert fearing the mass marches might turn violent of settlers enter palestinian lands that is paulus lee is on the israeli palestinian border with the people are waiting for the approach of the settlers. the situation here certainly is tense and it's heating up we're talking about land that both the israelis sixes and palestinians claim is there is not be punished students have said that mason in the week they will hold peaceful demonstrations as the united nations gets underway and discusses the bid for statehood but the israeli settlers are not waiting until the end of the weaken throughout the day today true state we saw it's way he said it's taking to the streets in various systems across the way spend a month salt from the israeli settlement up it's a mall near hundreds of people marched on the assessment to the same point in time currency on the israeli palestinian border and while the mood was quite jovial and the city was music to play it was a very strong underlying minutes and received when you listen to some of the
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speeches that people were saying they were expressing for such as the land of israel belongs only to the people of israel to keep national pride urging the government to be strong and this is precisely what kind of skins are afraid of they are saying that while they plan to hold peaceful demonstrations you have this extremist element that is marching towards palestinian villages towards palestinians pones and that is going to evoke vitamins and i did speak to a number of protesters and this is exactly what they say it is radie say this mistake that they want to take the initiative that they will more often towards palestinians almost out of anger and fury over this contested piece of land now we are hearing reports that they work masses inside the nablus earlier today tuesday that a food two year old palestinian was injured in his back while a lot of people appointed fingers at these radiometer the israeli government and accusing them of double standards they're saying that on the one hand they are preventing palestinians from holding demonstrations because certainly we've seen
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israeli army over the last few weeks and months increase its state of alert they'll very worried that palestinian demonstrations will take place and if you listen to what the israeli army will say they are worried that these demonstrations will turn violent so you have this double standard that on the ones. and they're trying to prevent palestinian demonstrations are taking place but on the other hand they're allowing setters to reach the border points which evokes very real fears of violence taking place the israeli operation is called operation some the seeds they have been handing out non-lethal weapons such as to a gas to all the settlements they've also been arming and training of body guards who secure the settlements they deem are going to live lives around all the settlements and given the green light to soldiers that is palestinian protesters approached beyond a certain distance from this is home and so does have a suit so all of that is creating this sense of tension and i'm not only vet we've also been hearing reports of the israeli army is planting landmines along its northern borders particularly along its border with syria fiza growing sense of
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isolation among israelis for months they simply named it supply and also timber is here and with the ease and uncertainty about what to do when palestinians ask the united nations to recognize the state i think the responsible thing to do from the idea of sport interview is to prepare for any eventuality prepare for the worst case scenario and hope it doesn't happen the worst case scenario is violence there's even talk of a food into fodder these really army has been preparing for months beefing up security on sixty minutes and planting new land mines along israel's northern borders but many complain these measures go too far now they are trying to mines it. maybe it's more control for. the last thing to live if once is a repeat of the chaos at its borders three months ago when hundreds of demonstrators stormed the israeli syrian border in a show of sympathy for the palestinians twenty protesters were killed by israeli
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fire the area is littered with mines and added danger to those clamoring the mines are not necessarily very to deal with people who have peaceful intentions but mines are a legitimate form. of defense many countries have mines on their borders for that reason in one of its internal magazines the israeli army said it was planting new mines in the area as a deterrent against any future demonstrations that might take place crowds are expected to surge forward when palestinians put forward their case at the united nations the army refused of request for an interview the most they gave us was an e-mail response in which they said they were performing ongoing situation assessments and doing everything required in order to ensure that the daily routine and security on israel's northern borders was maintained but it wasn't security that top of the right half of salad bars body he lost a leg a hand and an eye when he picked up a mine when he was thirteen years old. or so what happened with you
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and sometimes. it was. because. we continue to live he. he got little sympathy from the israeli government that blamed him for being in an area infamous for mines but instead of hate and anger sally wants his misfortune to be a warning to others and is now dreading what will happen if thousands of people surged towards the borders later this week i feel very very very sad because i know i know or my. material. make me just. give flowers or good life for the people it's nine months since the arab spring began and as palestinians lobby the united nations the last of the region's old
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certainties are being swept away but fears in the region are growing that what happens in new york state the stage for the next middle east crisis. r.t. israel. well policy supporters are going to be watching closely what happens over the next forty eight hours or so but activist polarity says that even if the palestinians do get this statehood bid and it was going to change washington has essentially purchased some friends in there in the middle east to sit at the top of some government of people who disagree with their alliance with the united states that the popular level almost all the people in the arab world are united against the policies of the united states in that region everyone from the palestinian side has said that they may want to possibly have negotiations only after statehood the statehood vote takes place they're quite ambivalent about this and have very little
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illusions that this will either advance or detract from their cause the statehood would if it if it comes about would be almost entirely symbolic and it won't change anything on the ground because israel is not going to change its policies on israel controls what is left of palestine. the u.n. general assembly has been dominated by the showdown of a palestinian statehood and also in new york president obama is seeking to boost libya's new leadership of the general assembly by pointing out progress in the country coming out so he today ati's miniport nine news at the u.n. . palestinian campaign for a u.n. membership and statehood is purse percy thing and this is despite the massive amount of pressure the u.s. has reportedly been putting on the palestinians to stop this bid now the majority of the u.n. members do you support palestinian u.n. membership and statehood that's approximately one hundred thirty three countries if
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not more but it is because of the u.s. that that measure may not go through the u.s. as we've been reporting has threatened to officially veto a palestinian membership to the united nations if it cost you because the u.s. believes that palestine should go back to the negotiating tables with israel but russian foreign minister sergei lavrov spoke to the media and said that no country should stand in the way of palestine's ambitions because they're going to get the new people in the middle east quartet will not meet in the near future the recent meeting with the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has showed that the u.s. would not like to see the palestinian question raised at the u.n. we think that it would be preferable to sit to the negotiating table first but both sides are not ready for it because there's no agreement between them we think good one must deprive the kind of study and administration of the right to ask the u.n. security council to speak out on each statehood bid u.s.
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president barack obama took advantage of the opportunity to get some attention off of palestine and move it over to libya because a high level meeting was held at the united nations in which dozens of countries were in attendance and libya's national transitional council was there outlining how the plans will be set up for establishing a new government the u.s. president addressed those in attendance saying that libya now is in a very successful position now that moammar gadhafi has been removed from power and the u.s. leader how did this as a success. for libya and for the international community he says that a host could offer libya is much more free and much more democratic but not everybody at the united nations sees this situation the same way russia for example believes that the u.n. security council resolution one nine hundred seventy three that was established back in march that put a no fly zone over libya and led to the nato military intervention was sixty eight
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was exceeded russia and many other countries believe that nato members took advantage of an opportunity to protect civilians and in turn exacerbated a military conflict which led to as we know tens of thousands of people being killed and or wounded and now this is a country that needs to be rebuilt but not everybody believes that libya is essentially a success story many many countries do believe that. certain western european countries took advantage of an opportunity and struck harder that needed to be strong in a very sensitive country that was in the midst of a terrible conflict so at this point in discussions about libya libya will proceed but it's clear that the u.s. sees the circumstance in libya one way while other countries see it a much different way. there are
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a correspondent in new york the human rights court has ruled that russia fully with launching attacks fraud investigation against the collapse will join you cause judges also said the kremlin's moves were not politically motivated but the vertigo also states that between two thousand and two thousand and one the russian government didn't give enough time for yukos to prepare its defense the freezing of assets left unable to function properly eventually forced to get into bankruptcy you know you course also so you can go into a billion dollars in damages that's the largest claim the court fifty year history will judge you so the not really without further evidence. got a lot more background that long running story on our website the whole story about you cause you want to furnish yourself with more details also there online tonight in our website we hear how not all countries are wary of a foreign influx as long as it seeing cash balances broke and that china is ready with the money but there are terms and conditions as well we explain more about
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that online tonight at our team dot com. also a little advice for fans of the red hot chili peppers internet piracy doesn't pay why well about in the u.s. has been hit with a sixty eight thousand dollars fine for a legal file sharing but this player could just be the tip of the iceberg a lot more details on but if the story interests you tonight check out our web site r t v dot com. former afghan president burhanuddin rabbani has been killed in a suspected suicide bombing at his home in kabul he led afghanistan during the one nine hundred ninety s. and most recently run the country's peace council attempting to negotiate a political solution between the government of the taliban was speaking to r.t. in his last t.v. interview rabbani blamed foreign intervention for bringing initial instability to his country. certainly the people of afghanistan do not want foreign troops to remain in our country and we don't want our nation's security to depend upon a foreign military presence however considering the critical situation in our country the lack of stability and they continue unarmed clashes we have to tolerate
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a foreign military presence i have already emphasized a deal would have been no civil war in afghanistan and no problems with the taliban if not for the invasions by foreign countries after all the people of afghanistan had managed to live for centuries without such infighting. with tons of all it's always a political analyst and a former afghan m.p. spoke to him he says talk of a stable country now sounds as unrealistic as ever. he was a very moderate figure he was a very important influence in bringing moderation and and stability and the politics of the country and then mr karzai and others will miss that sort of resonance with the problems that we're facing are monumental problems so three years is not very much time for the problems of afghanistan as facing and i don't think. figures like that and the absence of those kinds of figures do not render themselves for stability and do not help stability that radicals are winning this
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time. for top world news stories in brief and explosions rocked the turkish capital it killed three and injured at least fifty official say a bomb was planted in a vehicle in downtown ankara while i witnesses claim to have seen a burning canisters thrown at parked cars from a nearby building where the cause of the blast remains unclear turkey is no stranger to the threat of terrorism kurdish separatists have recently intensified their attacks on the country killing over forty turks in the past few months on. the third day of violence in the yemeni capital after pro-government forces shot dead nine more people but the violence has come down in the last few hours after a cease fire came into effect that was brokered by the vice president and western ambassadors the total number of victims now since sunday is risen to over sixty including four children the crackdown in sunday as follows reports that a power transfer could be signed that's something that protesters have been calling for for months now. a passenger trains developer eastern germany it's injured
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nearly fifty police said the incident happened after the train crashed into a car which had been hit by another vehicle and then pushed onto the tracks actually the driver the car managed to get out before the impact with the train was unable to stop in time one of the derailed train carriages tipped onto its side seriously injuring one of those passengers a further forty suffered minor injuries but weather in japan tonight a typhoon at threat has triggered evacuation orders and fears of landslides in the boy's city central japan over a million people been urged to flee their homes as strong winds move closer bringing heavy rain the storm's already called flooding with two people reported missing just earlier this month another typhoon devastated japan moving some ninety four missing. multiculturalism is increasingly rattling the nerves of citizens in the e.u. and turkey's plans to join the organization is a worry for germany right now the two nations held top level talks in berlin as germany hopes to block turkey becoming
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a full member which would allow the free flow of immigrants. it is not is tom barton found out it's a demographic die lemmer from one of europe's most ethnically diverse countries to . the end of school for thirteen year old malik to college in frankfurt germany his grandparents escaped from morocco in the one nine hundred seventy s. joining a largely white german society his mother nadia grew up here and she's seen things change and we have a time where everything was perfect you know we don't feel like that we had a mic when i met ben there i'd like since my son was why there's a after five here then i feel like something's happened the politics not just problems are at least partly down to a massive demographic change statistics show that the overall population of young people in germany has fallen by two million in the past decade see you cannot make a situation also
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a population. increase so. this would not have as much children as we need increasingly wealthy germans see raising children whilst holding down jobs as a waste of time and money the only parts of the population that are growing immigrant communities the changes in culture and ethnicity are leaving some germans feeling threatened the islamic leaders forty years law make model of society it is very different from the democratic german money we find that islam prevents people from properly integrating into germany for instance if we see ten year old girls being sent to school wearing headscarves we can already predict their development. too late say immigrant communities arguing about immigration now is outdated and may even border on racism here we're still have a discussion about the his that being now we are like the middle aged. and with
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a serious labor sure. tige looming experts say germany needs all the workers it can get to a solution for demographic problems we need other people see all need. is make people these teenagers from poor immigrant backgrounds are being welcomed into a new educational program called start which helps them with money and support towards their final school exams but if programs like this work they could help germany accept these students as part of its multi ethnic feature the changes in germany's population and the debate surrounding them will take many years to play out but life goes on and by the time these teenagers have children of their own it seems likely the face of society here could look rather different tom barton r.t. minds germany. looking ahead this year tuesday night sport about twenty five
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minutes time clearing used tonight another tough outing for russia's rugby team with the world cup must come shortly then let's cut shot with the latest business now from moscow with you. thanks karen that's right time to delve into the world of business and the russian ruble continues to retreat against the main current says it's thought us level against the us dollar in ten months although analysts believe capital outflows are the main course lists of all that have deutsche bank says the money will return in the near future. with ty. you tend to see these two factors being real law and the current account and the financial account and capital flows being real wind with the overall direction of the current account so if we continue to see world prices i do expect capital outflows to eventually
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react to this. flows to slow down and possibly capital inflows to start to set in because there is cheap well it is cheap given the fundamentals that are out there. accordingly i think even speculators with time. may find that profitable to take a second look at the ruble and start investing back again. time to check up on the markets all prices bounce back from the losses in previous sessions however escalating fears of the eurozone debt crisis which continue to start concerns over to month light sweet is currently trading at eighty seven dollars a barrel while branches that one hundred ten dollars hundred stocks are higher raising a drop earlier this session of speculation that that will do move to stimulate growth offset concern about the come on the recovery. and european markets traded on the polls to vote they seem to have a lot to standards and pulls down grade of debt creating the bullish sentiment was
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supported by speculation greece could receive the next eight transformed international creditors the debts rose under three percent even as the nation's investor confidence fell to its lowest level in more than two and a half years in september. the russian markets were also up but the close of play tracking post gains overseas the r.t.s. gained point six percent while the mice it's enjoyed an almost two percent growth let's not have a check on some of the individual share moves in the my six energy majors will strongly in the choose to a russian oil pipeline monopoly transnet saw a net. profit more than doubled to one point four billion dollars here on the year in the second quarter of twenty eleven thanks to the current sales to china shares were two percent up on the news about shares grows and speculation might increase the amount of shares been converted into tipples to receipts dixie was among the biggest gainers in retail sector of the company's top that profit has jumped more
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than full fold as it significantly extended its network from i've symmetrical says the markets are seeing just a rebound rather than a trend. today the market feels quite good we see the one point five percent growth but it still doesn't mean anything there is no trend of the market it's more like emotional trading we see that the oil is growing and we see that asian markets european markets are supporting russian as well so just so i would say it's more why. we're bond to be on the recent correction. but since you're so from off so much fall with his analysis what we can expect from the coming trading sessions for stories you can head to a website or two dot com slash business so join me for another business update in less than one last time so do stay with us.
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this was a city. of about one hundred ninety thousand people and we had eighty thousand people working for general motors. or a job that depended on general motors. general motors is if it's not relation to you it might be your neighbor or somebody you knew so it's kind of
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a family run business you know myself i'm third generation my father was working there and you have a lot of two three and four generation families are there first let's understand that is that this is a man doesn't want. it is gong. to work. i think for a long time this notion. that bigger was better was simply an undisputed fact in the twenty first century smarter better general motors simply became too large for their own good and so many brands that they couldn't even keep up with. basically became a dinosaur. with
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us tonight i'm kevin and let me take you through all top stories that the i.m.f. predicts cost for the global economy this europe's debt. credit downgrade today while the u.s. is being accused of being too hasty with. the palestinians just a couple of days away israel and its key part of the us to show their opposition israeli military forces against palestinian protesters while allowing israeli settlers to demonstrate on the occupied territory. and also new york president of libya's new leadership in the general assembly by pointing out progress in the country but questions over whether nato its actions in libya complied with the u.n. resolution still looming barracks.


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